Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Christmas tealight holder

It has been over two months since I last blogged about anything. Pity really. This blog is mostly about my crafts so that means that I have not done any. Which is true for various reasons including an inflammation of a nerve that connects the neck to my hands apparently. It was painful doing the most common of tasks let alone crafting. Very slowly after several weeks, the pain is subsiding and today I finished my small Christmas candle holder. Here is the photo. It was a freebie crochet pattern designed by a Daniela Herbertz.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Framing dilemma

During all my stitching years, i have had the dilemma of whether to frame stitching items with non reflective matt glass or clear glass. The place i used for framing, always said the should use matt glass. I did not like it much but always listened to the 'experts'. Recently i took some things to be framed and the problem was finally resolved. They left it up to me but said that nowadays, cross stitch had clear glass. So i took them the peacock lady that i had framed some years ago with matt glass and told them to replace it with clear glass. The result was brighter colours that were not effected but non reflective glass. It definitely looks better. Ok there are some shadows when you try to photograph it or look at it but i would rather have that than duller colours.ok so perhaps in the photo it does not look that different...but in reality there is a lot of difference.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Welcome September

What a hot summer it has been. Not regarding activities but more because of the heat that we had. It has left me listless and as far as crafts are concerned, i did some sewing, a little crochet but mostly knitting...for dolls! I have always loved doung that but this summer it was my main hobby. Right now I am also working on something similar for Christmas.This month will probably be one with lots of humidity and still quite hot. But that is what usually happens. Nowadays seasons are changing and in August we had a bad storm. Right now it is hot and humid and storms are forecast for this week.I hope temperatures go down a bit.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Beading freebie

Oh I do wish I could do something like this. Beading and making jewellery is something I haven't got around to learning yet.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Match craft

I wonder how many different crafts there are all over the world. Thing is, if people don't pass on their knowledge to the next generation, they will be lost. On the internet I came across these pictures of how to make a small house with matches. I know that here in Malta there is a person who makes much larger things out of matches...some used and some aren't. I thought that this was only done in Malta but then I came across a board on Pinterest...
and realised that it was done in other parts of the world.
There are also tutorials on youtube:
At least the craft can go on.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Back to blogging

It has been so long since I did any blogging. Not that I didn't want to but somehow I did not get around to it. I did quite some knitting again and the feel of that soft wool and needles makes one want to knit more and more. I knitted ( or rather learnt to knit with double pointed needles) I also bought a set of bamboo needles. I had read about them but never tried. Some say they are very silent...The steel needles don't make that much noise surely to annoy anyone? But I did not have problems with them while knitting. So I will definitely use them again.
Oh and I started reading a new book. After reading "before i go to sleep" i watched the dvd but as always, the movie was a bit of a disappointment because they change things and perhaps the image in my mind is not the same as the one on the screen. Anyhow as I said I have now started a new book called "The Dressmaker" by Kate Alcott. It is about a maid of a famous fashion designer who travels with her employer on the maiden voyage of the "Titanic" and survives because she was in her employer's quarters. She wants to become a dress designer too. The tragedy of the Titanic fascinates me so this book is very interesting. I recommend it.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Friday, March 13, 2015

Before I go to sleep

I love to read and always have a book to carry around with me when I have to wait somewhere. Somehow reading an ebook is not the same thing as feeling the pages of a book. At the moment I am reading the book "Before I go to sleep" which has also been made into a movie. I want to finish reading the book first before watching the movie. Somehow the books are always better. I love these strange stories. It is about a woman who forgets everything that has happened to her whenever she goes to sleep. Must be a terrible thing to go through if it was real. Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth are  my two favourite actors and they both take part in this movie.  Here is the link to the movie trailer.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

rabbit pie

In Malta rabbit has been eaten ever since I can remember. People used to breed
rabbits for their family to eat or else to sell them to others. Recently they have been kept as pets so some people tend to be shocked at the mere thought of eating a rabbit. They are such sweet and cuddly animals so I can understand this. I eat rabbit but I cannot say that it is my favourite type of meat and whenever the children had rabbits as pets, we never ate those! Anyhow, this is one recipe for cooking rabbit meat.


Chop up one rabbit in small pieces and marinade in 150ml red wine for about an hour and a half. Fry 4 chopped onions until golden and afterwards add the rabbit pieces and mix. Add one bayleaf, 200g peas and 50g tomato concentrate. Allow to cook until the meat is tender. Remove the bone from the meat. Open up the pastry and line a dish. Add the rabbit meat and cover the dish with pastry. Cook in the oven until the pastry is golden brown and serve warm.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Lampuki pie

This is certainly not a cooking blog and if there is one thing I hate, that is cooking and cooking programmes. They always make it sound and look so easy and their kitchen remains spotless. No I prefer crafting and only cook because I have to.
However there are some recipes that are traditionally Maltese and one of them is Lampuki pie. Lampuki are a type of fish which are caught in Maltese waters from August to around December. In Malta they are caught when they are of medium weight. If they live and continue on their way to wherever they are going, then they grow quite big.

Here is the method of making this Lampuki pie:-
Fry the fish and when they are ready, remove the fish bones completely taking extra care. Chop the fish into pieces and fry it in the same pan as the onion, garlic, marjoram, mint and basil. Add two tablespoons tomato concentrate and leave it to simmer slowly for a few minutes. Add some chopped cauliflower florets and spinach, chopped black olives, capers and a chicken cube. Add a glass of red wine. Keep the consistency rather dry.
Prepare a tray with pastry. Spread the fish mixture and cover with pastry. With a fork pierce the pastry and bake in a moderate oven for about half an hour or until the pie looks ready.